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On 10 November 2023 at approximately 23h30, University of New South Wales (UNSW) Student & Sydney Traffic Controller Isabella (“Bella”) Veronica MELODIA stuck a public member while working as a traffic controller. Ms MELODIA hails from Camden, New South Wales, Australia.

The member of the public was recording the construction activities late at night because of the invasive jackhammering and other noise that occurred. The team did not have approval from the City of Sydney to perform night works and had threatened members of the public on 6 November 2023. Isabella Veronica MELODIA became frustrated that she was being recorded and stopped her vehicle, got out, and attacked the person filming her. The individual provided me this footage (among numerous other clips).

As a result of Isabella MELODIA’s attack, a member of the public was hospitalised at St Vincent’s Hospital.

Bella MELODIA is a member of the UNSW Architecture Society (ARCHSOC).

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